Three Easy Rum Cocktails You Need to Try Today


Rum is a staple in any liquor cabinet. From dark and smoky to bright and fruit-flavored, rum offers a huge range of tastes that can conform to a multitude of drink preferences. It's also the basis of a number of cocktails that you may have tried in the past, but there are hundreds more that you may not know about. Here, you'll find three simple, tasty rum cocktails that you may not have tried before.


1. Cable Car


The Cable Car is a sour drink centered around rum and spice. First created in San Francisco and named after the historical cable cars that travel throughout the city, this drink offers the perfect blend of sweet and sour.  This drink only contains a few elements, one of which is a lemon sour that you'll need to make. The lemon sour consists of simple syrup, lemon juice (ideally freshly juiced from a lemon), a lemon wedge, and cinnamon. Along with that, you'll need your favorite spiced rum and an orange liqueur; generally, an orange curaçao works best to add even more kick to the drink.


2. Rum Punch


It can be odd to think about rum on a summer day, but a refreshing rum punch can be the perfect drink for a brunch party in the hot sun. Rum punch mixes sweet fruits with dark rum to create a medley of flavors in your mouth. For a basic rum punch, you'll need your favorite dark rum. You can also add in some white rum, coconut rum, and even fruit-flavored rum for an extra kick. If you add coconut or fruit-flavored rum, then all you need to add to that mixture is pineapple juice and grenadine. If you elect to only use dark, white, and spiced rum, then adding lime juice or lemon juice is recommended.


3. Daiquiri


You may think that daiquiris are overly sweet drinks only suited for vacations at the beach - but in fact, these rum cocktails can be quite elegant. In its simplest form, the daiquiri only needs three ingredients: rum, simple syrup, and lime juice. The lime juice should ideally be freshly squeezed from a lime, but bottled lime juice will work well too. When mixed appropriately, these ingredients blend to form a refreshing cocktail that's not sugary whatsoever. It's also quick to make, provided you have made a stock of simple syrup to use. 



The recipes above are simple, giving you room to play with different fruits, flavors, and textures alongside the main ingredients. You'll be able to enjoy these drinks alongside everything from a refreshing brunch to a fancy dinner for two. Once you've experimented with these recipes, don't hesitate to branch out to other unique rum-based drink recipes you find.


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