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Great service and fast
Don't believe the bad reviews.
Just got my package. Was a little worried because of all the bad reviews, but calmed my nerves when I seen people on YouTube doing haul videos from ASOS.

My pants fit perfect, just how I like them. Super comfortable. Good quality. Got 2 day free shipping because of how much I spent. I also bought a sweatshirt. Super soft, also good quality. Will definitely buy from them again. Especially since they're so inclusive and have plus sized mens clothing. Will definitely be buying more from them in the future.
Same review as others. Paid for next day delivery, never received, tracking on gnewt is outdated, took two days off to wait for parcel. No one ever came. Opened chat with ASOS they said gnewt informed them there was security door that they couldn’t get through (mind you I was home all day no one rang, I have 24hour reception with glass windows everywhere and receptionist can see everyone coming in and out) checked cctv NO ONE EVER TRIED TO EVEN GET IN!!! spoke to ASOS about 6 times now. They keep closing chat on me as they can’t contact their own delivery company and they have to go by their tracking info meaning they couldn’t deliver it because of security door. Not to mention I live in canary wharf and gnewt depot is literally three stops away from me.. how ducking hard is it to deliver it on time?
False advertisement
The pictures and title told me that it was a jacket and when it came it was a T-shirt. when I told costumers service that I received a T-shirt and I ordered a jacket they told me to send it back and that they would refund me and order it again. I told them that I would like to keep the shirt and pay for it and they could send me the jacket I purchased because I liked the T-shirt and I couldn’t find it on the site. But in the meantime I read in description of the “jacket” it was indeed a T-shirt (so they made a mistake). He told me that I couldn’t keep the T-shirt and had to repurchase the jacket. I simply asked him politely if that was indeed the jacket that I had purchased and not the T-shirt like I just had read in the description. He told me I quote ‘ it is the jacket.’ If you are a good costumers service you would have told the costumer ‘ one moment I will take a look at it’ but no. After that he didn’t even say a word. I found it out myself. They had 2 times the same pictures and title only with a different price. One was a T-shirt and one was a jacket. I took the wrong one. It was not that hard to figure that out. But he didn’t want to work. Really pathetic.
I love asos.
My next day deliveries 99.9% of the time have arrived on time and any returns sorted rapidly!
Only problems I’ve had in the past was when I’ve ordered some jeans that seemed like they’d already been worn, and some items that aren’t asos own, are cheaply made.
And I always find the website really boring to navigate, there is so much stuff it takes days to find anything that you actually like even with filtered searches.
All the items and orders (21 out of 22) I’ve made recently have been top notch.
Terrible customer service and delivery charges!
Unfortunately I have to agree with all the negativity surrounding customer service! I placed an order and paid for the next day delivery as I needed them for Friday. I placed the order on Wednesday morning for delivery on Thursday. MyHermes called me on the morning of delivery (@ 09.34am) asking for directions, which I supplied and the lady knew exactly where I was, her reply was we will try and get your delivery to you today! The item has not been delivered and the tracking information states there has been a delay. I am now out of pocket as I have paid for a service which has not been received and I also do not have the correct attire for our work event! So I contacted ASOS on live chat this evening to be told they cannot process anything until the end of the day and to contact them tomorrow if I still have not received my item. I requested that they contact the courier company to deliver and I will stay awake until midnight at which point I received an aggressive reply we do not have direct contact details of our couriers and like I said earlier we cannot process anything until the delivery day has passed, I am now closing the chat (thanks Mikey, you were a great help, NOT)! Complete stall if you ask me of course they cannot contact the courier as they are now closed and not delivering at 22.30! This will be my first and very last order from ASOS they are complete scammers and time wasters, I doubt I will receive my next day delivery charge back but hopefully will receive my order at some point when someone learns how to use a Sat Nav.
Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. They were responsible for charging items i have already returned which they recieve when i phone i spoke to advisor she advise that she will sort out and one month later i find out they haven't sorted anything through payment service which i used KLARNA,

I phone today spoke to advisor there no information previous call and she was so rude i never experience this kind service anywhere else i wouldn't be coming back ever again once i sort this dispute

and i wouldn't recommend anyone else
I am really shocked by all those bad reviews. I have been shopping ASOS for at least 5 years. I am 100% satisfied. Good quality items. Quick delivery. Very Easy free returns
One star is generous!
They use a delivery service that show up when they want.. I paid for premium service but some items showed up 4 days late and asos “customer” service state our part is done its with the courier?! No help at all! They don't respond to emails. I asked for a refund of premium service and they said we don't refund! Go else-where its really not worth the hassle
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