The Rise and Rise of Premium Bourbon

The 2015 edition of Jim Murray's World Whisky Bible has made headlines both for naming a Japanese single malt as the best whisky in the world and for the absence of Scottish whisky from the list's top five. The 2015 list is also notable for the fact that the number two and three spots are held by premium bourbons, the William Larue Weller 2013 and the...


The Fall and Rise of Irish Whiskey

As another St. Patrick's Day rolls around, it's a safe bet that many revelers will reach for a glass of Irish whiskey to celebrate Ireland's favorite holiday. As it happens, there's a lot for the Irish whiskey industry to feel happy about. It is enjoying a period of unparalleled growth, and is officially the world's fastest-growing spirit. According to...


A Guide to Wine Tasting in New York

The blood red autumnal leaves of upstate New York hide a secret not well known even by the locals. Tucked away in pristine countryside just a six hour drive from the hustle and bustle of New York City is the world class wine region of the Finger Lakes. The area is a haven of quiet villages, golden hills and boutique wineries.   Fall into...


Eight Exotic Alcoholic Drinks from Around the World

Even if a voyage to Peru or an adventure in Scandinavia isn't in your immediate future, you can still experience the unique flavors of eight different countries around the world.  Every nation produces its own unique alcoholic beverages that are inspired by local ingredients and historic production methods.  With ingredients as diverse as rye...


Three Easy Rum Cocktails You Need to Try Today

Rum is a staple in any liquor cabinet. From dark and smoky to bright and fruit-flavored, rum offers a huge range of tastes that can conform to a multitude of drink preferences. It's also the basis of a number of cocktails that you may have tried in the past, but there are hundreds more that you may not know about. Here, you'll find three simple, tasty...


New Trends in Craft Beer

Craft beer used to be a tiny niche market. Now it's become a big business with hundreds of micro-breweries starting up every year. It's a market in perpetual change, too, with new trends coming in that challenge the original dominance of hoppy strong IPAs.     Barrel aged beers have become increasingly popular, and many...


Everything You Wanted to Know About Absinthe

It's been ten years since the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau authorized the sale of absinthe after 95 years of prohibition. In the decade that has passed the US has risen to become the world's leading absinthe market. Yet outside the upscale cocktail bars of major cities, this high-strength, anise-based French spirit is still relatively...


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